Lively discussion was had April 6 and 20

Allan Morgan, facilitating


This group is focusing on Dr. Gawande's perspective on the medicalization of late life and the transformations emerging for us.  Principles from his work, several of which are consistent with mindfulness and acceptance, will inform the community covenant.

"We have room to act, to shape our stories, though as time goes on it is within narrower and narrower confines. A few conclusions become clear when we understand this: that our most cruel failure in how we treat the sick and the aged is the failure to recognize that they have priorities beyond merely being safe and living longer; that the chance to shape one's story is essential to sustaining meaning in life; that we have the opportunity to refashion our institutions, our culture, and our conversations in ways that transform the possibilities for the last chapters of everyone's lives" (Being Mortal, 2014, p. 243, emphasis added).

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