Building on the Study Groups of early 2017, this group will focus on drafting initial community covenant documents and defining membership for the community.  Crucially, in keeping with the cohousing philosophy, the first residents of the community will review, revise, and formally adopt the final covenant and become its stewards. 

It is suggested that this covenant could fruitfully include these facets:

  • the 7 UUA Principles (or perhaps a subset, as suggested by early Study Group 1 participants...)

  • a perspective drawn from "Being Mortal" and affirmation of the value of hospice and other compassionate end-of-life choices

  • affirmation of individual and interpersonal well-being supported by mindfulness and related practices

  •  agreements regarding community participation and mutual support in times of need

  •  community participation and educational outreach

  •  and much more to be discussed and discerned...

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